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Bořek's corner - I.

29. 3. 2012

You're just reading the first part of our serie of comments and answers by Bořek Dočkal, the first Czech player in Rosenborg. Bořek exclusively responds also your questions about both Norwegian and Czech football. Just leave your question under the newest part of this serie called "Bořek's corner".

This first part reacts to the first league round and match against Brann (RBK won 3:1).


Who would you call as the best RBK player of the Brann match?
I think this match wasn't the right one to chose only one player. But if I have to say one name it is Jim Larsen. He managed well to defend Kim Ojo who had great season in the last year and he also scored one goal. In addition he was very dangerous during almost all set pieces we had.

The league has started and you surely have goals for you personally and for the team.
My goal is the title, there's no doubt about it. I've come to the best Norwegian club, and another goal would be buck-passing. The team strengthened compared with the last year, the start was a success and the team is able to reach the title. In the summer we are going to play EL qualification, which is important in many perspectives, and after last year's failure would be great to fight through to the group. I don't have any specific personal goals, I want to be an important part of the team and help to determine the matches. I would like to score and assist regularly, it must be a a result of my position of an offensive player.

Could you have a guess and chose teams that should play in the top (together with RBK) and the bottom of the league table?
First I have to admit I didn't follow the changes in all the teams. But the greatest rivals of RBK are Molde, Vålerenga and Brann. I expect both newcomers, Fredrikstad and maybe Stabæk in the bottom. Stabæk due to huge financial problems.

Steffen Iversen returned to RBK in the winter. He's the icon of the club and also very popular among supporters. Has the atmosphere in the changing room changed anyhow? What about his role on the pitch?
Definitely positive and visibly. The changing room had already been positive and with friendly atmosphere but he manages to make fun and stimulate the actions there. With him it's so busy :). And of course he brings the experience, he's the player who can influence the team during important moments. He's very intelligent on the pitch and he knows how to find the right position. In addition since joining he's been very productive, for me it's great to see him in the box. Because my task is to deliver the crosses and they're often found by him. It is not un-easy to find him there :).

Is there anything that grabbed your attention in the first league round?
There is one big surprise - Sogndal. I heard they didn't manage to win even one of the pre-season matches but then they scored four goals and won 4:0 agains Odd. And one pleasant suprise for me personally is the very good condition of the pitch at Lerkendal :).



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Czech and Norwegian football

(Vemundo, 29. 3. 2012 19:38)

Hi Bořek!

Great that you are sharing your thoughts and insight with the fans!

How different do you find the style of football played in Norway compared to Czech Republic?

Are there any (young) players in the Czech league that you think could fit well in the Norwegian league and perhaps be a good signing for Rosenborg?