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Bořek's corner - II.

5. 4. 2012

Bořek Dočkal, as he promised during last week, shares again his feelings after the second round of Tippeliga. He answers also your question, if you have any more question, just leave a comment below.


The second Tippeliga round is over, what grabbed your attention, any player, goal, situation to mean?
I find interesting that no team was able to win both of the first two matches, the first teams are now just on four points. The second goal of Haugesund in the match against Molde was an another curiosity, it was incorrectly recognized. The ball was on the goal line, and a linesman misjudged surprisingly a goal. One outstanding goal was unfortunately possible to see in a match against us, the beautiful volley brought LSK into the lead.

RBK's second goalkeeper Erik Bråthen had to travel to the hospital right before the match in Lillestrøm. Did you know about the problem and how would the situation have been resolved if needed?
I have to admit that I really didn't know so much about it. Of course, I noticed Erik wasn't on the pitch during the warming up but I didn't pay attention so much. Fortunately, we didn't have to deal with anything like this and Erik's tests went well. The next game might be with a real second goalkeeper ready to play on the bench .

("Fanda" is asking) Bořek, you said that you study Norwegian. Do you study through English or Czech language? And how succesfull are you?
We had attended a Norwegian language course together with my girlfriend. The theacher of our whole group was Norwegian and she used English just a little bit to explain the grammar. And at home I use Czech textbooks. Last week we had the last lesson and now we're thinking about private lessons. Now I am able to understand the basics and I can also say something.

("Vemudndo" is asking) Hi Bořek! Great that you are sharing your thoughts and insight with the fans! How different do you find the style of football played in Norway compared to Czech Republic? Are there any (young) players in the Czech league that you think could fit well in the Norwegian league and perhaps be a good signing for Rosenborg?
I think the Norwegian league is more offensive, more teams are trying to combine and keep the ball. Czech teams are more advanced and more tactically organized. I think the Czech league can offer many players, I know at least three from Liberec. And I think we can't exclude some player's coming in the future .



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