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Bořek's corner - III.

11. 4. 2012

Bořek Dočkal regularly answers my and your questions about the Czech and Norwegian football. If you want to ask any question, just leave a comment with it here at the bottom of the page.

The third Tippeliga round is over, what grabbed your attention, any player, goal, situation to mean?
I would like to notice the match Strømsgodset - Haugesund 3:3 in connection with last home match of Strømsgodset when they won 3:2 against Vålerenga, the spectators must be satisfied . Askar from Brann is also notable, he scored 3 goals in 3 matches. I haven't seen many goals of this round but I can mention the second goal of Molde against Brann, this one wiht the "bicycle kick" over player's head.

What was the main reason for the failure with Sogndal? Maybe too many changes in the main eleven?
I think the biggest and basically the only problem was our efficiency.
Only in the first half there were many goal opportunities and I'm sure that if we went into leading until the end of the first half, the match would have unfolded quite differently, and I dare say that we would add more goals. I would evaluate the changes in the main eleven positively at the most part, they weren't in our way to three points.

RBK plays in Fredrikstad on Friday, 13. Are you superstitious and do you fear this data? What path will lead to success in this match?
Up to now I hadn't noticed it . I do not have that date connected with any bad experiences, so no great importance for myself . I believe if we play the same way we played in the two home matches, we will combine, not just kick unnecessarily long balls and we will have some chances to score, and we will manage to score, we can get three points. If you want to play for the title, you have to cope with this kind of matches.

("exesite" is asking) Hi, Bořek, I'm glad you have success in Rosenborg and I hope you will take a step to even higher level and get a chance in the national team. I want to ask if you watch Slovan Liberec and aren't you sorry you left just before this season that is so great, with fight for the tiltle. You were in Slovan during not so succesfull period and you didn't enjoy European cups or the battle for the title so much...
Of course I cross my fingers and I follow it, I still have many friends in Liberec with whom I am often in contact and I wish the title for them too. Unfortunately, the team was in development for some time before it reached the level where it is today. However, I must say the first year and a half in Liberec was very good for me, we did a lot of points with a quite a good football played and we finished on 3rd position in the table. The break-point of the further development was elimination from EL with Dinamo Bucharest. It influenced the club for a long time. I think it could have been different a lot and Liberec could have had such a strong team earlier.

("Chlupatá máma - Hairy mum :) in English" is asking) Which team would you prefer for the potential return to the Czech league? Slovan or Slavia? Good luck and get a better league than the Norwegian is.
I would like to spend my career abroad . If I had to think about the future return, the situation of the clubs can be somewhere much different than it is right now. Anyway, today's decision would be probably influenced by people working in the club, so if I should say now, I'd definitely choose Slovan Liberec. I don't know almost none in Slavia nowadays. And of course thanks for your interest and wish .



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