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Bořek's corner - IX.

14. 7. 2012

The ninth edition of our serie has come.  You can easily ask about almost anything, just leave a comment underneath (Jméno=name, nadpis=title).

1) How important were returns of Larsen, Strandberg and Høiland back to the tough duel with Molde?  Wasn't it so risky to change almost whole defens?
I think it was very important for the match and the defence managed it very well. I do not see any risk to put the best available players into the main eleven.

2) Do you feel better atmosphere in the changing room after the successful results from Stavanger,  against Molde and after the first qual. round of EL? Did anyone from the club come into the changing room before the "autumn" part of the season to appeal to players on the season goals? How often do the members of directorate communicate with you?
The mood is always pleasant, of course, if you win, but I have not noticed any big difference . No need to talk about the season goals, they are clear and every player should want to win every game. We have a frequent contact with people from the management t, there's quite common to meet each other almost every week.

3) What is your personal opinion on transfers of Larsen and Henriksen (possible transfer) and the problems with the extension of contracts of Örlund or Svensson? Isn't it shame that so young football player (and possible regional patriot) is thinking about not singing a new contract? Supporters have made a banner "Hoftun må gå", is it justified to fight against the sport leaders of the club?
Jim has moved to Belgium, with Markus to be seen, not much information. I just believe that if there are more transfer from RBK, adequate players will come. As for the extension of contracts, I mostly stand on the players' side. When one is not satisfied with the conditions that the club offered him, I see no reason to extend the contract. It is about an agreement! I see this is a fault of the club - a guy who is nineteen-years old, with such contract to expire... He could have signed long-term and there would be no problem.

4) It is not a question, rather a feedback from one of the Norwegian fans: "Bořek is a great player and seems like a great person. Very nice of him to find time to do these interviews. No questions from me, just wanted to say thank you to Bořek and Mr.Webmaster for doing these interviews. Keep up the good work, always a great read .
We thank you



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