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Bořek's corner - VI.

16. 5. 2012

Tippeliga has played eight rounds and we're servering another portion of Bořek's opinion. If you want to ask anything, just leave a comment underneath. (Just for sure - Jméno=name, Nadpis=subject)


1) Anything of the last matches of Tippeliga that caught your attention? Nice goal, remarkable individual performance etc.
2) What was the main barrier to export all three points from Sandnes? Well playing opponent, weather, own discipline ...? What about the coach's opinion about the useless cards for Prica and Issah?
This time I join the first two questions into one. Because our game impressed me so much - but in negative, unfortunately. I can't remember worse condition during any league match, especially the weather. I am convinced we get three points under normal conditions and circumstances. The match resembled many sports, but not much football . I'm glad it's over and no one is sick or injured. It is really special experience in mid-May . And the cards - I do not think it had a great influence on the game. We played for a few minutes at ten. Prica couldn't play the next match anyway because of the first yellow card, but of course we have to think about it in the next matches, we have to be more disciplined.

3) Now the match against the second newcomer Hønefoss and then the National day of Norway on Thursday. Are you going to take part in the parade? If so, how are you looking forward to that event, have you got any information about it?
I don't know exactly our program, but I know that we participate in the parade with the whole team, it's tradition and everyone told me it was very nice with a lot of people.
So I can say I'm quite looking forward. But more to the match on the day before, it is a "football feast" we're waiting for a good attendance.

4) Visitors of fan-site rbkweb.no chosed you as the best player RBK of the months of March and April - congratulations! What in your opinion was the reason for their decision? What do awards mean for you personally?
You'd have to ask them . But I hope and expect it is not because of my hair, but because of my performance . It is of course good to win such award, but I don't overrate it and I don't  go to bed being lost in thoughts about awards.

5) ("Jenda" is asking) Hi Bořek, I would like to congratulate you - you play regularly, and you give goal-assists. You take also the set pieces as I know. I was wondering if you had a chat Zdeněk Ondrášek after the match with TIL, and he who is greatest clown in the cabin. Thank you.
I thank you. We went for a beer with Zdeněk after the match, they were sleping here in Trondheim after the game as they had flight in the morning. So it was nice that we could sit and have a natter. We have Steffen Iversen to make fun. He takes care of entertainment every day .



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