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Bořek's corner - VII.

13. 6. 2012

Bořek Dočkal has returned to Trondheim and he is also ready to answer several questions. As you can see, the last one is put by one of you - visitor of this webpage. If you want to ask Bořek about anything, just write your question as a comment underneath. (Just for sure - Jméno=name, Nadpis=subject)


1) The first question is clear and important for almost all supporters of RBK - how is your state of health right now?
I've been back to Trondheim and I feel okay again. Before leaving for the Czech Rep. I had to decide on how to heal the injuries and create a sort of rehabilitation-training plan. After the examinations that I underwent, the doctors decided not to operate the damaged meniscus. They believe that the knee will persist until the end of the season, there is also a good chance that injury gradually subsides completely. Pulled thigh muscle on the other leg should be fine as well, luckily there was no major damage to the muscle. Gradually, I've been back to training mode, I have already completed the first training on the pitch and everything progresses well.

2) Rosenborg has completed the first part of the season. You have played eleven games with eighteen points. Are you personally satisfied with this balance? Is the current starting position for the "rest" of the season favourable?
It would be useful to lead the league with a great margin, you never intend to take a loss and have to be closing on the opponents . I think the beginning was hilarious, then some unnecessary injuries came and we lost lot of points. I believe that the summer break will help us, we can improve our healt and I hope we will have successful beggining of the other part of the season, this period may be turning.

3) How was the holiday? And how it was affected by the health problems?
The boys had basically two weeks off, I got few more days due to the injury. I spent the vacation at home in the Czech Republic, I wanted to meet the family, relax, heal injury completely and also practice little bit to be ready to join the team. And we (me and my girlfriend) also went on a trip to Paris.

4) (Question asked and answered after the first match of the Czech team) Czech National Team is playing the EURO2012, can you take a gues how will the Czech situation in group A develope?
The team failed in the entry into the tournament but I still believe they can promote into the quarterfinal. The other teams in the group are not better so it's not unrealistic to win two remaining games. I wish them luck just because they have to face terrible criticism.

5) ("Gamst" is asking) Hello, Bořek! Personally, I root for Tromsø, but I'm generally interested in Norwegian football so I quite like RBK and I think Norway should be glad having such a club and we Czechs can appreciate having a Czech representative there, so I wish you good luck, whatever you're doing! I just want to ask how have you progressed with the Norwegian language? Do the teammates try to help you with it? And a second question: how did you like the 17th May? I wish we would celebrate the 28th October like this, for example. Ha det!
I have progressed quite a lot, me and my girlfriend attend a regular private course and the improvement is visible, the guys and coaches know that I study Norwegian, so they try to occasionally skip English and speak Norwegian with me. They help me just by talking each other and I can try to understand them. 17th May I enjoyed at home, because I had problems with the knee . But it's a great day for all and they enjoy it so much. For us it's different, Norwegians have a very unlike history, it is essentially the only such day in the year for them. We have more of this type of national holidays and I can not imagine that we celebrate them in this way.



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(Robert, 24. 6. 2012 10:49)

I want to say that I enjoy you as a player very much. And I hope your future as the footballer is going to exceed into endless heights.
Now a question:
In all honesty, how do you like living in Norway? And have you made a lot of friends?