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Bořek's corner - VIII.

1. 7. 2012

RBK plays two matches during one week and it's difficult to find the right time to make this small interview. But nevertheless Bořek found couple of minutes to answer the question. So here you are!
And of course - if you want to ask Bořek about anything, just leave your question as a comment underneath. As you can see, Bořek always response the fans' questions.


1) Try to pinpoint two-three reasons that caused relatively unsuccessful result against Strømsgodset. Do you think Godset deserves to be a leader of the table?
I will say two reasons - the first is that we met a very strong opponent who has a well-developed style and shows football of quality. And we met them at the stage of the competition when we are not in full strength and top form. The other thing is even though we were not a better team during the match, we should have scored at the beginning of the second half to 3-1 and therefore the match would have been decided. I must say that Godset demonstrated during the game his quality and convinced me that they are rightfully at the top. But it doesn't change the fact that we must be able to draw the level with them.

2) We have known the opponents for the first two rounds of the European League. How do you personally find the draw the trip to Northern Ireland? And who would you rather take for the second round - Serbian or Kazakh team?
In the early rounds the travelling is important. We got an acceptable team, our quality should be higher and it is very important not to spend two days in a plane during this period with many games. The artificial grass is an inconvenience for me. Thus answering the second question is easy, I definitely prefer the Serbian team.

3) "Robert" is asking: I want to say that I enjoy you as a player very much. And I hope your future as the footballer is going to exceed into endless heights. Now a question: In all honesty, how do you like living in Norway? And have you made a lot of friends?
The life is fine for me and I think everyone has got a fine life in Norway. . As for friends, we have very good Czech friends who have already lived here for a long time. We have very good relationship with the teammates, but we do not meet each other outside the stadium so often.

4) "Gamst" is asking: Hi, congratulations on two goals against Godset. I have one question: what surprised you most in Norway, something with the club and its running, mentality of people in Norway, or perhaps any strangeness, etc.
It is hard to describe the mentality of people, everyone must have their own experience. I'd like to see as the biggest difference that no one chases for anything at any price. It is always tho most imporant for them to behave humanely, politely and in a friendly way. Because of I come from different backgrounds, sometimes it borders on naivete in my view. The don't count the fact that someone could abuse their mentality, they don't count on the fact that not only nice people are around the world . And I would mention their relationship to English. I would like to see us in the Czech Republic to use English in completely natural way and that would mean EVERYONE absolutely knows it and speaks it.



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Don't know what that mean?

(RBK, 4. 7. 2012 0:10)

Bořek is a great player and seems like a great person. Very nice of him to find time to do these interviews. No questions from me, just wanted to say thank you to Bořek and Mr.Webmaster for doing these interviews. Keep up the good work, always a great read:)

Re: Don't know what that mean?

(Hiko, 5. 7. 2012 14:21)

Thank you so much! Your comment gives me additional motivation for this work :). Bořek is very open for almost any kind of cooperation with this website, we're lucky to have him in RBK.
And btw. "Nadpis" means "title".