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31. 7. 2012

Bořek Dočkal again responds to current situation in question by RBK and one of you, visitors of this site is moving speech to his former club in Liberec. And the rest of you you can ask for anything, just leave a comment under the latest edition of our series (Jméno=name, Nadpis=title).

1) RBK showed an exceptional turnover against Ordabasy. How was the celebration immediately after the game or on a plane back to Norway?
There is never much celebrating in Norway . Of course we all had great joy, euphoria reigned in the cabin, but singing or chants are not in the habit .

2) RBK plays against Servette Geneva in the third preliminary round. What about this rival? And do you prefer (theoretically) a better quality team, but compensated by a shorter way than it was in the case of Kazakhstan?
Personally I am glad that we won't need to take a similar journey this year anymore. But there is no choice In the two first preliminary rounds. I look forward to a better opponent, I believe they will suit more and I see as an advantage the fact that the first leg will be played in Switzerland.

3) Jaime Alas has been training with the team for quite long time. How in your opinion is Alas established in Norway, is he already trying to use another language than Spanish? Is he able to play in the main eleven immediately?
He tries, but so far he just tries . He's fairly bad with English, it depends how quickly it will get better. It is difficult to evaluate just by training, he has been here just for short time, but I do not think that he can immediately jump to the starting lineup. (just for sure - Bořek means "I don't think Alas will be allowed to play in the main eleven", not: "I think he is not good for it")!

4) "hony" is asking: Hi Bořek, first I would like to congratulate you to a great start to the season and now the questions. What are the ambitions of RBK in the Europa league? Any interests of foreign clubs? If you could choose the competition, what would you prefer by you most? Don't you regret the fact that you're not part of Slovan Liberec and not playing in the Champions League? I hope coach Bilek (the Czech nat. team coach) knows where Norway is, and will call you into the national team, I would much rather see you than Jan Rezek there. Good luck and success in your career!
Thank you! We have "progressive ambitions", now the basic is to proceed into groups. And if we succeed, it will depend on a draw etc. I do not know and I do not care who and if anyone is interested in me. I'd rather know nothing so nothing would distract me. And Liberec has already promoted into the Champions League? . I would like to see them there, but even if there really got ther it will not be sorry. I think I'm in a good club now and that I have a good opportunity to show my qualities. If I could choose, I'd like to try the football in Germany, it is my dream.



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Performance psychology

(Nick, 1. 8. 2012 10:23)

I am wondering if you could tell us a little about how you train to improve the psychological aspects of your playing?
Is this a priority of the club?