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Bořek's corner - XI.

25. 8. 2012

Rosenborg brought a nice result from Poland and now we can read the opinions of Czech midfielder and current top scorer of EL Borek Dočkal. He answered also two of your questions, everyone has a chance to ask anything, just place your question as a comment  below this article. (Jméno=name, Nadpis=title)

1) We should return little bit back - the  second leg against Servette. The match wasn't so nice and maybe little bit nervous but you managed to go through. Why do you think that you were not able to entertain the spectators a little more, add some goals? Was the opponent so well prepared, maybe your tiredness could play a role?
In such an important cup match one can't think of entertainment the audience
. First, of course, we played carefully, because we knew that the result of 0-0 is sufficient for our advancing, and secondly, of course, the opponent had quality and was well organized. I think we've controlled the game well, we did not let the opponent a chance.

2) Legia Warsaw is the opponent for the last qual. round of EL. How did you personally find the draw and how was the opponent in the first game?
Opponent somehow fulfilled my expectations - good team, dangerous in offensive, two very good strikers. I think for us it's one of the toughest opponents we could have. However the first match away we made it, we have brought a promising result and now it's just up us to confirm the advancing at the Lerkendal .

3) In the Norwegian league you reduced loss of Godset to three points. Is there any nervousness or decline in shape of the current leader of the league table? What chances do you give RBK for the title, in connection with the players' arrivals that RBK registered in the last weeks?
We get to the front, it is very important to us. I do not think about it, if they are nervous or declined forms... It's now up to us. I believe that if we continue in same performance from the last time everything will soon be just in our hands. We became stronger now, the quality has  clearly improved with new players and my personal guess is we will struggle for the title with Molde.

4) You presented very interesting corner kick against Aalesund, that one resulted in scoring a goal. Who was the initiator of such an idea and where did you get inspiration?
About a month ago we discussed what to change in set pieces, how to surprise the opponent and so on. I came up with this variation, we used it in the Czech national team U-21.

5) "Mara" is asking: Bořek, I would like to ask against which teams in the Norwegian league does your team like to play and vice versa? Thanks for the answer!
I have played against each opponent only twice at the most so difficult to answer . But I still hate to meet Aalesund, by contrast I like clash with Molde.

6) "Nick" is asking: I am wondering if you could tell us a little about how you train to improve the psychological aspects of your playing? Is this a priority of the club?
I know this is an area in which I can and I should improve... If the question is put directly to me , my occasional hod-headedness and nervousness is caused by my personallity, I hate to be defeated. It has its pros and cons. But I think that the priorities of the club deal with more important issues than with the Dočkal's nervousness .



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