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Bořek's corner - XII.

26. 9. 2012

Rosenborg has started its tour of Europa league by victory in Vienna, also the war in Tippeliga is a strong topic for this part of our serie. Btw. if you have any question, just leave it as a comment below (Jméno=name, Nadpis=title).

1) The group K of Europa league was started in the best possible way, by winning in Vienna. What this result could mean for the future development of the group and what are the goals for RBK in the main stage?
It can mean much, because if we now manage to win all of our home games, we will probably go up . Of course it will not be easy, but not impossible. We have no goals, but we will definitely want to try to promote to the next level of EL!

2) Molde is the second team from Norway in EL. How would you see their group, and their chance?
Their group is as tough as ours. They will get some points from the home matches
, but it won't be enough. That is my guess.

3) In Tippeliga we can see three teams fighting for the title. Which of your opponents will be the most dangerous? Do you think the battle for the gold medal will last up to the final round, or any of the teams will be able to clear up the fight? What players from both the rivals of RBK would you point out for the Czech football supporters?
I think it will remain tight to the end!
But in my opinion it will be decided between us and Molde. I don't see so strong personalities, but if I nominate one from each team, I'd choose Kovács from Strømsgodset, powerful striker and very valuable for the team. And from Molde it's Angan, attacker who can bypass opponents and decide the match.

4) Rosenborg has already integrated three new players - Reginiussen, Diskerud and Elyounoussi. Their merit on the pitch is undeniable, but how did they manage to set up in the changing room, which one of them is the greatest joker, for example? Do you have any rituals of suprise for newcoming players?
No, no rituals
. They fit immediately in the team, absolutely without any problem. They are all Norwegians, the players in the Norwegian league know each other, and in addition some of them have played together in same clubs. The most noticeable is probably Mix, always in a good mood, very communicative guy.



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(Jonas, 27. 9. 2012 10:45)

Hi, Bořek. After playing some amazing games this season, your performances seems to have dropped a bit the last few games. Is the tight schedule a problem? Wouldnt it be smart to give you a rest, since youve played almost every match this season?

Hope to see you back i top shape soon, we need a Bořek in top shape to win the gold. Good luck and keep scoring many goals!

Thanks, you are every RBK-fan favorite player.