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Bořek's corner - XIV.

15. 11. 2012

Bořek Dočkal returns to the last and unsuccessful period in RBK, the last question is focused on one quite strict rule in Tippeliga. If you have any question, just leave it as a comment below (jméno=name, nadpis=title).

1) What is the mood like in Rosenborg after the last games? Older and experienced players should work also as leaders in the changing room and they should try to modify (probably) a little gloomy mood among the players - it works so well in RBK? 
The mood is not optimal, because of course we imagined little different end of the season. But Nordic nature is a little bit different, so we're not drowning in any depressions . It works almost everywhere that this kind of tasks belong to those older players, we are not any case apart. 

2) You weren't allowed to play one of the most important matches of the season, in Molde. Where did you watch it and how was the feeling? 
I watched it at home on TV and it was 90 minutes of nervousness... I really did not enjoy the game, it's hard just to watch something with no chance to influence... 

3) Norway has got very strict penalty after earning a certain number of yellow cards. You actually missed two games because of just five yellow cards. How do you find this rule? 
I find it as absolutely stupid, I know no other competition with so strict rules. I don't see anything positive and don't understand why does Tippeliga want to be so special in this way?! 



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