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Bořek's corner - XV.

25. 4. 2013

Bořek Dočkal, the only Czech player in RBK continues to cooperate with this website. Now he answers five questions where we discuss over his own situation in Rosenborg or the last and the next match. If you have anything to ask Bořek about, just write it down as a comment below this article (Jméno=name, nadpis=topic).


1) Was it actually possible to win in Haugesund...?
One can win always and everywhere. Unfornately the match didn't develop according to our ideas, the opponent took the lead after a fabricated penalty, and then it is always difficult in Haugesund. However we had also the opportunity to score from the penalty spot, also we had other chances that we could reverse the match with. After the red card the rest of the second half was very diffucult.

2) How satisfied are you with the RBK's start of the season? After five rounds, the team is on the second place with ten points, it's a lot or a little? 
Whether it's a lot or a little, it will show up during the season, in any case, it could be done even better and we could have more points. At least two of those we lost at home.

3) The fans are speculating that you do not fit the 4-3-3, which now the coach has re-established. Is this just that the main reason why you didn't start 4 of 5 matches in the main eleven?
One can hardly evaluate which formation fits me better if one didn't have so many opportunities to see me in this formation. So far, during my career I've only experienced choice in the style of "you are good enough, you aren't good enough," not in the style of "you fits, or not." 

4) But on Sunday against Sandnes you will probably get the chance to play from the very first minute, let's assume Jonas Svensson will need rest to heal after the knock-out. Do you have any indications that you could really be in the starting line-up? C. Gamboa won't be allowed to play the match, who, according to your opinion, is the most probably candidate to play on the right back position? 
Logically, it suggests itself but we will see how it will be in reality. The main eleven is usually announced about two days before the match. The first option is Jon I. Høiland, if he is healthy. 

5) Another Czech football player has entered Tippeliga, Jan Lecjaks plays in Vålerenga. Are you in contact with each other, did he ask you any details about the Norwegian football before his signature? How do you see the current performances of Zdeněk Ondrášek from Tromsø? 
Jan contacted me befor the signing, he wanted to know some info about the club. Zdeněk fits well to the Norwegian football, Tromsø is a good team, especially very strong at home and for him it's certainly easier to score here than in České Budějovice. 




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