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Martin Fillo to Stavanger

20. 12. 2007

Martin Fillo - 21years old midfielder from FC Viktoria Plzeň is a new member of Viking FK. "I saw the city, our stadium, spoke with the coach. First impression is really great, I am looking forward," Fillo said for Plzeň´s website http://www.fcviktoria.cz/index.php?zprava=%22A%22-tym&action=0&id=4&id_zpravy=596 .

FK Mladá Boleslav, one of the top Czech teams, was also interested in buying Fillo. It was one year ago, Boleslav offered 12 million CZK (about 1/2 mil. euro). Now Viking had to pay 2 mil. euro for Fillo .

Fillo in the kit of Czech U-21 team

Fillo is not a first Czech player in Tippeliga. But the Odd Grenland´s striker Zbyněk Pospěch was not so succesfull. He scored four goals in Tippeligaen 07.  Slavia Prague, the Champions League team, is interested in Pospěch presently.

Zbyněk Pospěch



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