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Sapara: the stress on Tørum was huge

22. 11. 2007

After the Friday's trainning session which is the last before the Sunday's match against Lyn (players have a free day in Saturday) me and Marek were sitting at Brakka house and talking about his stay in Rosenborg, about football dreams and the present situation in the club.

First to talk about the coach Tørum's demission. Marek isn't afraid of presentation his opinions to protect the coach: 'He is a great person, not only in football. But he decided on his own. It was a big stress on him, journalists were interested in the date of his leaving after each unsuccesfull match. In addition it is raised with the fact Tørum is from Bergen. I am sorry for him...'

And what about the Valencia-match?: 'I think Spains underestimated us. It was written everywhere they won't have any problems against Norwegians. We forgot everything after the match with Lillestrøm and were concentrated on the match with Valencia.' Marek also mentioned differents between the 'common' league match and the preparing before the CHL-match: 'Each player is able to play in 100% also in qualif. Stage of CHL. It was able to watch in the match agains Finns.'

After the Valencia-match the league continues with a match with dangerous Lyn Oslo. Marek is clear about his programm up the match: 'I like sleeping so tomorrow (26.10.) I will get up later. Then we go to visit a Slovak-family that lives here. It has been a long time since our last meeting.'

It is normal that a coach announces the squad two days before the match in Norway. Marek considers it as a advantage:' Players know their situation and they needn't to be nervous. For example coach Komnacky prefered the announcement of the squad of 11 players during the warming up in the match-day.'

And Marek's memories of his start in Norway? 'I had the main problem with the day-light. I couldn't fall asleep without pills.' And what about the language? 'I learn English. I had English otherwise at school for 8 years but didn't use it in 6 years.' The adoption in the team was without problems. 'I get along well with boys, my best friends in the team are Steffen or Roar Strand. But as I said – I have no problem with anyone.'

He has his own imagination about his future. 'I can hear from many persons I stay here up to the end of my life. But I would like to make next step in my career. I don't care which league from the strong-four it would be. I attract to England, maybe Arsenal or Liverpool. I like Barcelona, its' play is amazing.'

Let's wish Marek he will be able to realize his dream.
Thanks for a nice interview

Jan Novotny

Marek Sapara



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The interview with Marek

(Tor Blåsmo, 24. 11. 2007 11:12)

Very nice, Jan!

Ellen and Tor

Great work

(attach, 22. 11. 2007 22:24)

Thank you for the translation!


(kristin, 22. 11. 2007 22:23)

marek is the best. he is sooooo good thet I dont know what I shood say!!