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Yssouf Kone´s answers in uefa.com

5. 12. 2007

igor: were you surprised to win your two games against Valencia?

Yssouf Koné: It was a big surprise to win against Valencia, they are one of the biggest in Europe, we were outsiders in the group - for us the target was to play well, not the results... but we won both, away and home - it was fantastic.


Mathias: Has it been difficult for you to adapt to the noweign league?

Yssouf Koné: Playing in Norway is just okay - it's a medium level, not like England or Spain, but not easy to play coz of the weather, it's really cold here, expecially for an African. Minus ten degrees is very difficult. Everything is in your head, if you want it you can do it - mentally you need to have good people around you, alone it's very difficult. I found it so hard in Trondheim last seaosn, it was freezing for me. Now I have some friends to talk with - first six months I was alone and it was not so easy - now everyhting is okay.


torn: How do you explain the difference between Rosenborg's performances in Norway and in Europe this season?

Yssouf Koné: In the league it was a difficult season for us - I don't know why we have played badly in the league - in the Champions League the coach has changed things around a bit, from 433 to 442 and it has made the difference - with 442 we have had more opportunities to score.


treeman: who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Yssouf Koné: Biggest infleunce? First, its my mum - from my youngest days she helped and suppported me, even against my father, he didn't want me to play football and she supported me - it's because of her I am here. Its too cold for her to come over now though!


cska: who do you think will win the champions league?

Yssouf Koné: Win the CL? For me it's between AC Milan and FC Barcelona - they are the best teams in the competition, they play very well, Barcelona have many chances to win the Champions League this year.


blue_eye: Hello I'm a CFR Cluj fan from Romania. There had been some transfer rumours that you will come to our team in the next transfer period. Is this true? If yes we are waiting you to win the championship. Best luck.

Yssouf Koné: I have heard many things about me moving but right now I want to concentrate on the Champions League games against Chelsea and Schalke - the season will be over after that so we will see what happens in the winter transfer window - I'm going to take some sun in Africa and we will see what happens.


xz: what do you think you would be doing if you weren't a footballer?

Yssouf Koné: Not a footballer? I think I would be a teacher, because I went to university in Abidjan and studied economics and maths.

bart: do you play any other sports?

Yssouf Koné: I like to play volleyball and basketball -  and tennis - but I'm not so good at that. I play with friends but need improvement - not quite Roger Federer yet!


timo82: can rosenborg make a surprise and a big achievment in champions league this season?

Yssouf Koné: When we saw the draw, we saw Chelsea, Schalke and Valencia. No one else thought we had a chance - now we do have chances to be the first in the group - right now we have real confidence - we are not waiting for Chelsea and treating them as a big team, they have to take us seriously as we will give our best to beat them. We need to win against them, it will be a historic result if we beat them. The truth is we have no pressure on us - we beat Valencia but we are still the smallest team in the group - if we beat them, its a miracle - if they beat us it's no surprise - the pressure is on them. Because of the pressure in Norway this season, we have struggled in the league. When there is lots of pressure on you, you are afraid to make a mistake, or you think about it and end up doing it. That's a big difference between the league and the Champions League - in Europe, we enjoy it and play with no pressure.


gab: hello there!! what was it like to beat Valencia, in Valencia?

Yssouf Koné: We knew it would be hard in Spain but it was amazing - we were all very happy, we celebrated well... the same night, we danced, we listened to African and Norwegian music.


RBK Fan from Slovakia: What about your captain Roar Strand? Can he play in his best after the injury?

Yssouf Koné: He's like our big brother in this team - he is very experienced and always gives us advice - since three weeks ago he has been injured - its a shame as we will miss him. we have another guy from Sweden in his position, and we trust him. But Roar Strand is like an icon at Rosenborg.


Thomasrbk: hello kone! I just got some bad news...someone told me that you got injured on todays training... is that correkt? And if so, will you make the match on wednesday? LOVE YOU, Man!

Yssouf Koné: I got a small kick in training today but it's not serious - I will be ok for Wednesday.


emescilla: How do you feel yourself in Norway? Do you like the country and the people?

Yssouf Koné: I like Norway - it's a quiet place and  a good place to live - when I stop playing football, I would like to live in Norway - Trondheim is a lovely place, very cool place. The people like me and I like them.


beefslices: which english clubs would you be attracted to for a move?

Yssouf Koné: If I have a chance to go to England, I will go - because in my opinion it's the best league in the world and if I can go there, I would love to go - I would like to play in Manchester City - I like the team, I like how they play and it would be easier to play than at United! Better to go to a lower team in England first - then move up to Man Utd and Chelsea. Against Chelsea i will push myself! 


marko: how is it to play against chelsea and valencia

Yssouf Koné: I don't get nervous before a big game - I am laid back - we are a small team, they are the big guys, we are not under pressure. I play as I always do, without pressure.


Mathias: What is your biggest dream about football?

Yssouf Koné: My dream is step by step - first dream was to play the Champions League. Now I want to go to a World Cup. With Tunisia and Rwanda in our group, I think we have some chance to go to the World Cup. That's my dream, to play in the World Cup - and beside that, to go to England.


timo82: can burkina faso team qualify to world cub?

Yssouf Koné: We have many players in Europe, mainly in lower teams in France or Germany, one at Sochaux. we used to meet in France, I'm the only one in Norway. But the dream is to all meet up in South Africa in three years.

Thank you for supporting me all the time, especially during my bad periods - and now in my good periods. And I hope that will continue. I will be trying my best on the pitch. Wish me luck when we play Chelsea. I hope you have enjoyed the chat.

Yssouf Koné



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